• You always dreamed to sing but something stopped you

  • You are looking for a holistic and fun way of approach from your teacher

  • You or your kid need to prepare for ABRSM, music school or university entrance exam

  • You are looking for a Russian language coach to get the pronunciation right. 


Then you are on the right page!

​My professional teaching experience started in 2017 during doing my LRAM teaching diploma at the Royal Academy of Music. I can describe the style of my teaching as:




The structure of my lesson

  1. Breathing exercises according to the Wim Hoff method.

  2. Vocal warm up: SOVT exercises.

  3. Targeted set of exercises for vocal technique development.

  4. Working on the repertoire covering musicality, technical aspects, meaning of the texts, pronunciation.

  5. Vocal cool down: SOVT exercises.

The structure of my Russian language coaching session

  1. Block of pronunciation exercises to warm up your Russian.

  2. Reading texts of the songs/arias outlound and receiving a feedback from me

  3. Working on translation

  4. Discussing nuances of the style the text is written in.

Meanwhile if you would like to get a little bit familiar with my teaching work, visit my Russian language podcast for singers.

Vocal Matryoshka is an essential audio tool for vocalists who are interested in learning Russian Vocal Repertoire.

Every week there will be an episode of an aria and a song where I will read the lyrics in my native language (Russian) in different speed so you could gradualy speed up your russian pronounciation.